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to this terrific opportunity to join our international Number club exchange 2014.

So far, five countries are participating: Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. France is pending and will join us this fall.



As you, all know all Ladies Circle clubs have a number. These numbers are starting point for our number club exchange. That means e.g. that all no. 1 clubs team up, no. 2 clubs team up etc.

The clubs, which have a number that exceeds more than 100 will do as following:

No. 101 will go together with the no. 1 clubs

No. 102 will go together with the no. 2 clubs

No. 103 with No.3




LC 82 Næstved you will join LC 81 Sundsvall in Sweden.


 There will be more of the groups that only exits of two clubs. This will hopefully be for a short as we hope that more countries will join ¨us¨ over the next years.  


The First Step


  1. On the attached list, your club can see which clubs are in your number club exchange group. You can also see the name and email address of this year’s chairman.

  2. You might want to make one of the ladies on your club board responsible for the contact

  3. You can get started by sending an email to say hallo, a Christmas greeting or another greeting.

  4. If you are having a weekend tour with your club, you could consider this trip going to one of the clubs in your number club exchange club.



Is that we with time can make Number Club Meetings. This means that all the clubs in for example group 11 (all the clubs with the number 11 and 111) will get together in one of the countries for a weekend of circling with or without partners and kids.

If you are up for the Number Club Meeting please get started and if you need help please contact your international contact lady on your national board and she will help you.


We wish you all good luck – please contact us if you have any questions or good advice.

Yours in circling

Gry Haugen,

Immediate Past President Ladies Circle Denmark

Havegaardsvej 32

6100 Haderslev